Seamless tubing for Process Automation – II

In the previous post, we discussed about the seamless tubing and how it is different from welded tubing. Due to the unique manufacturing process, seamless tubes are completely homogenous in comparison to welded tubing making them an ideal choice for process automation in many industries. This post will discuss some advantages of seamless tubing and factors which makes it superior from the other types.

Why Choose Seamless tubing for Process automation?

Some advantages of seamless tubing are mentioned below, which differentiate them from the other types.

  • Higher Pressure Ratings: One of the most striking features of seamless tubing is its ability to withstand higher pressure. Hence a seamless tube is said to be equally stronger around the entire circumference of the pipe. It has 20% higher ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) working pressure in comparison to the conventional welded tubing methods. In critical applications, the instruments and tubing can sustain pressure above 30,000 psi. This can eventually save time and money, which will also aid in minimizing the maintenance expense and reducing the unplanned downtime. Seamless tubes are designed to sustain a great amount of load when filled with materials or liquid in addition to its own weight.
  • Uniformity in Shape: Seamless pipes have round cross section as it comes with a continuous extrusion, thus giving them a round cross section and a uniform shape. Also, the seamless tubing has no longitudinal weld seam. The tubes are designed in such a way that they are completely homogenous throughout the tube’s cross section. Also, the heavier wall thickness of these tubes eliminates any risk of failure at the weld seam
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Seamless tube offers a higher degree of corrosion resistance as it has little room for impurities. Also, using a seamless tube helps identify potential defects and malleability differences that are mostly associated with the welded area in the welding tubes. Thus, it is regarded more suitable for critical applications.

Choosing the right tubing will help increase the performance and reliability of your equipment, and reduce the downtime cost. Several factors are taken into consideration before buying one. If you are planning to buy seamless steel tubing for industrial project, you should always contact the industry experts like Arch City Steel. The company has experienced professionals, who will help you take the right decision.