Tips to Reduce Costs on Non-Standard Tubing Production

When you think of tubing, you will probably always think of stainless steel round tubing. However, this is not the only shape these products are made in. Tubing can also be made in non-standard shapes like square, oval, rectangular. While this is a great advantage for customers, they have to keep in mind that the change in shape will affect the overall product costs. Hence, it is important for customers to know how to save on extra costs for uniquely shaped tubing.

Basic Points about Non-Standard Tubing

Before we get into the cost saving tips, it is important to understand the basics behind non-standard tubing. Welded stainless steel tubes can be made in lemon, ‘I’, or even star shapes. Before the tube is made into the desired shape, it undergoes forming and welding processes. This basic welded stainless steel tube is known as the mother tube. The mother tube is then pressed and shaped into the final product.

The above information is connected to the reason why the costs of these products differ from standard round tubing. The basic reason is, the manufacturer needs to design the right tools and processes to produce the tubing. This can take a lot of time, effort, and money. Hence, as the tooling is different, the manufacturer charges a higher fee for the creation of non-standard tubing.

Tips to Reduce the Costs of Non-Standard Tubing

The first thing you need to know are the various factors that affect the tubing’s costs. These are:

  • Edge sharpness
  • Shape complexity
  • Additional engineering
  • Tightness in terms of tolerances
  • Secondary operations such as fabrication, bending, and finishing

Keeping these points in mind, you can try the following tips to cut tubing manufacturing costs:

  • If Possible, Reduce the Tolerances: The higher the tolerance of the tubing, the more work that needs to be put into the secondary operations. If your project does not depend on tight tolerances, you can try reducing them so that you can reduce the overall costs.
  • Stick to one Manufacturer: It is always a good idea to work with one manufacturer when it comes to your pipe and tubing fabrication requirements. When you work multiple times with one manufacturer, it won’t take him very long to understand your requirements. Also, he will understand how to perform the secondary operations without weakening the unique structure of the tubing.
  • Don’t Waste time Switching Vendors: Sometimes, your vendor may not meet the deadline due to delays in terms of transport, not finding the right material, or some amount of idle time. In such situations, do not switch vendors at the last minute. It will only add to your stress, and increase your overall costs.

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way. By using these tips, you can find ways to create uniquely shaped tubing without ever having to go overboard on the costs