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Alloy Round Bar

 1/8″ OD TO 30″ OD
 3/16″ TO 2-1/2″
 1/4″TO 6″
 FLATS:  3/16″ X 1″ TO 4″ X  6″


Alloy Round Bar Grades and Specification :


 4130  MIL-S-6758, AMS-6370, AMS-2301, AMS-6348, AMS-2304, ASTM A331, A332
 4130 H.T  MIL-S-6758, AMS-6346, AMS-6370, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, ASTM A331
 4140 ANN  MIL-S-5626, AMS-6382, AMS-6349, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, ASTM A331, A322
 4140 NORM  MIL-S-5626, AMS-6382, AMS-6349, AMS-2301, AMS-2304, ASTM A322
 4330  MIL-S-8699, AMS-6427, AMS-2301
 4340  MIL-S 5000, AMS-6415, AMS-6484
 9310  MIL-S-7393, AMS-6265, AMS-6260, AMS-2301, AMS-2304
 52100  MIL-S-7420, AMS-6440, AMS-2301


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