Quick Guide: All You Need to Know about 304 Grade (The Most Popular Alloy)

When you talk of popular stainless-steel grades, 304 is one of the first that comes to mind for most buyers. This is not surprising though considering the quality that comes at a fairly cheaper price in comparison to other austenitic grades. Although there are other cheaper ferritic grades, 304 has more applications for many. Continue reading “Quick Guide: All You Need to Know about 304 Grade (The Most Popular Alloy)”

How to Find the Right Stainless Steel Grade for your Needs

Stainless steel products share many characteristics. However, they differ when it comes to grades. Types 321 stainless steel tube, for instance, varies from 302 with the addition of titanium stabilizer. Therefore, understanding the different grades available is critical to finding a product that matches your personal and budgetary preferences.

If you are planning to buy stainless steel, you’ve probably come across the term grades. The grade is how experts categorize the production specifications, mechanical properties, and composition of stainless steel. There are over 3,500 grades of stainless steel in the market, but these grades aren’t created the same. Continue reading “How to Find the Right Stainless Steel Grade for your Needs”

Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Tube Vendor

One of the most challenging problems that first-time buyers face is finding the right stainless steel tube vendor in the market. With an incredible selection to pick from, one could get easily overwhelmed or intimidated by the process.

The market has no shortage of stainless steel manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. A quick search online will reveal dozens of options near you. This can be a great thing if you think about it from an “options” perspective. However, since these vendors aren’t created equally, picking any option without consideration might mean missing out on amazing deals – or quality products. Continue reading “Choosing the Right Stainless Steel Tube Vendor”

Selecting the Right Grade of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is among the best corrosion resistance material out there. But that is not merely it; stainless steel has a lot of benefits including excellent formability, high strength-to-weight ratio, low maintenance, ability to recycle, etc. Owing to its versatility, stainless steel has a wide range of application. Stainless steel comes in a lot of different grades, and we will help you pick out the best for the job. Continue reading “Selecting the Right Grade of Stainless Steel”

Everything You Need to Know About Nickel Alloy

Nickel is a chemical element, which is represented by Ni symbol and an atomic number of 28. It is a silver-white lustrous metal featuring a tinge of gold hue. It comes under the transition metals and is extremely hard as well as ductile.

Nickel is a versatile metal and tends to alloy with a majority of metals. Nickel alloys are alloys wherein the nickel stand as the primary element. There is a complete solubility between nickel and copper. Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Nickel Alloy”

Why Do You Need To Think About Stainless Steel As Piping Material?

Summary: Stainless steel is a versatile and reliable piping material that industries have been using for years. Read on to discover more about this metal.

From construction to chemical, metal elements are being used in almost every industry today. Over the years, metals have made advancements and proven beneficial to the humankind. It is essential to understand that each metal holds a significant prominence with its unique properties. Many metal elements are currently being used in different industries. Among all the other metals, there is one material that is versatile and reliable, i.e., stainless steel. Continue reading “Why Do You Need To Think About Stainless Steel As Piping Material?”

6 Reasons to Use Nickel Alloy 800h Tubing for Commercial Purposes

The world did not wake up to the value of Nickel just the other day. Since pre-civilization times, people used Nickel to make artifacts such as weapons and tools, and even coins. Even today, Nickel alloys have become a must-have, and the trend will not be slowing down any time in the future.

The beauty of Nickel is that it can alloy with just about a wide variety of metals such as copper, chromium, and iron, making its use very versatile Continue reading “6 Reasons to Use Nickel Alloy 800h Tubing for Commercial Purposes”

Common Mistakes Fabricators Make When Welding 718 Tubing

Nickel alloy 718 tubing is one of many alloys with great properties that can make it applicable in many environments where heat will be involved. It is commonly used in offshore oil mining because of its corrosion resistance. One challenge new fabricators have when dealing with it however is welding.

Welders who have not worked with stainless steel before can make a few mistakes when working with nickel alloy 718 tubing. We have compiled some of the common mistakes made. Continue reading “Common Mistakes Fabricators Make When Welding 718 Tubing”