Top 3 Benefits of 316 Stainless Steel Over 304 Grade That You Should Know

Stainless steel tubes are used in many different industries, but they have a few important considerations to help you decide where to use them. For example, if your application requires pipes made from both grades of stainless – 304 for oil and gas pass through applications or 316, which is ideal for marine environments – then make sure the material meets all necessary specifications before purchase.

316 stainless steel tube is a material that can be used to build customizable products, and it can withstand repeated exposure in high-impact processes. The engineers design this grade, so they will not bend too easily under pressure or stress like some other grades would do–perfect for building your next project.

Where do you want to use stainless steel tubes in the marine, aerospace, or food and beverage industry? Asking this question is a must since the application of both 316, and 304 stainless steel tubes vary depending on the environment. For example, if you only want to pass oil and gas through SS pipes, then 304 grade might work for you. But if you’re going to use stainless steel tubes in marine applications, then 316 grade would be a better choice.