5 Common Industrial Applications of Nickel Alloy 825 Tubing

Nickel alloy 825 tubing has a very high nickel content which makes it appropriate for use in highly corrosive applications. There are many industries that will also use it for other applications that may not be related to corrosion for example it can be hot or cold worked easily. The presence of titanium in the alloy provides protection from pitting after fabrication. Here are some of the common uses.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Nickel alloy 825 tubing is used to transport heated liquids from a hot environment to a cooler environment where they will get cooled. Because of the property of the alloy, it can withstand not just the heat, but also the corrosive effect of heated chemicals. Petrochemical plants as well as power plants are among the common industries that use 825 for air-cooled heat exchangers. The process of cooling is critical to the working of the plant so care has to be taken to use the right material for the exchangers. Because of the alloy’s resistance to corrosion, it is also used in seawater cooled heat exchangers which use the same principle as air-cooled exchangers only that seawater works in place of air.

Offshore Piping Systems

Some different solutions and chemicals may need to be transported through a corrosion-resistant pipe system. The 825 alloy provides corrosion resistance both inside and outside. This means chemicals and waste can be safely transported through these pipes. And they can also be heated to a particular temperature without worrying about the effects of pressure or heat on the material. The application of 825 tubing includes the following:

– Downhole pipes used in waste injection

– Well casing for oil and gas

– Transmission lines

– Platform piping

Radio Active Waste Handling

Radioactive waste needs to be piped from one end to another and the tubes used need to be safe. This means the chemical makeup of radioactive waste should have no effect on the tubes. 825 alloy is a safe material to use and it is durable as well so once installed, it can last fairly long. The same material can be used for making parts of the nuclear handling plant, like storage tanks as well as joints for the pipes.

Acid Production

Just like with radioactive waste, the material used to transport acid has to be corrosion resistant. This alloy is commonly recommended in the transportation of acid within the production plant. It has a high resistance to corrosion whether the acid is heated or cooled.

Pulp Digester

Pulp digesters need to be made from solid steel and that is exactly what 825 is. It can be used to cook the different ingredients needed to make paper. The pulping process involves using raw material of different acid and alkaline content so the material used for the tank has to withstand the chemical reactions that go on in that process. 825 provides a reliable stainless steel material and it is also easy to fabricate to the required design.

825 alloy is a versatile alloy that can be used in several industrial applications. The oil and gas as well as chemical industries utilize this the most.