410 Stainless Steel Pipe


Grade 410 stainless steel is a basic, general purpose, martensitic stainless steel. It is used for highly stressed parts, and provides good corrosion resistance, high strength and hardness. Grade 410 stainless steel pipes contain a minimum of 11.5% chromium. This chromium content is sufficient enough to demonstrate corrosion resistance properties in mild atmospheres, steam, and chemical environments. Grade 410 stainless steel pipes are often supplied in hardened but still machineable condition. They are used in applications where high strength, moderate heat, and corrosion resistance are required. Grade 410 steel pipes display maximum corrosion resistance when they are hardened, tempered, and then polished.

410 Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

The following are the properties of grade 410 stainless steel pipes offered by Arch City Steel & Alloy:


Corrosion Resistance:

  • Good corrosion resistance to atmospheric corrosion, potable water, and to mild corrosive environments
  • Its exposure to everyday activities is generally satisfactory when proper cleaning is performed after use
  • Good corrosion resistance to low concentrations of mild organic and mineral acids

Welding Characteristics:

  • Readily welded by all standard welding methods
  • To reduce the risk of cracking, it is suggested to pre-heat the work piece to 350 to 400 oF (177 to 204o C)
  • After welding annealing is recommended in order to retain maximum ductility

Heat Treatment:

  • The correct hot work range is 2000 to 2200 oF (1093 to 1204 oC)
  • Do not work 410 stainless steel pipes below 1650 o F (899 oC)

Applications of 410 Stainless Steel Pipes

410 pipe is used where abrasion and wear resistance is needed, combined with fair resistance to general corrosion and oxidation

  • Cutlery
  • Steam and gas turbine blades
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Bolts, nuts, and screws
  • Pump and valve parts and shafts
  • Mine ladder rugs
  • Dental and surgical instruments
  • Nozzles
  • Hardened steel balls and seats for oil well pumps



Typical Chemical Composition % (max values, unless noted)
4100.15 max1.00 max1.00 max0.04 max0.03 maxmin: 11.5
max: 13.5
0.50 max




Typical Room Temperature Mechanical Properties
GradeTensile StrengthKSI (MPA)Yield Strength 0.2% KSI offset KSI (MPA) Elongation (% in 2ʺ(50.8 mm)Hardness (Brinell) MAXHardness (Rockwell B) MAX
41065 (450)30 (205)2021796


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